Israel ready to use ballistic missiles to defend itself against Houthi

By Arie Egozi

Israel is getting ready to retaliate for the foiled attack performed by the Houthi rebels in Yemen. In the meantime, the Israeli navy has increased its presence in the Red Sea by adding more combat vessels, including the new missile corvettes, the Sa'ar 6.


Israeli sources told Defence Industry Europe that the IDF has a “toolbox” of systems that may be used if the decision to retaliate is made, following threats from the Houthis to attempt again.

The systems that Israel may use are its air force, its navy, or long-range ballistic missiles.

According to the Missile Threat website, Israel has various versions of the Jericho ballistic missile.


Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


Jericho 2 is a medium-range, solid-fueled ballistic missile developed and produced by Israel. It is also the basis for Israel’s Shavit satellite launch vehicle. Currently operational, Jericho 2 is expected to be phased out by 2026 and replaced by the Jericho 3.

Jericho 3 is a solid-fueled intermediate-range ballistic missile developed and produced by Israel to replace its older Jericho 2 ballistic missiles. It was first tested in 2008 and entered service in 2011.

In recent years, the Israeli navy tested the launch of the Lora missile from a ship.

The Lora (Long-range artillery) is a short-range, road-mobile, ground and sea-launched solid-fueled ballistic missile developed and operated by Israel. It has a range of 280 km.



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