Israeli Air Force receives the Spark, a new drone for military operations

By Arie Egozi

Earlier this week, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) officially received the new UAV that is defined as a "game changer" in combat.


The IAF’s 144th Squadron, also known as the Phoenix Squadron, at the Hatzor Air Force Base, hosted the official ceremony marking the introduction of the classified UAV into service.

The Spark UAV is made for a variety of tasks, such as intelligence gathering, ground force support, targeting, and other things. Its specifications and the details of the payloads it carries are highly classified.



According to an IAF official release, the Nitzoz (Spark) is a part of the Orbiter model family, made by the Aeronautics company, an Israeli company owned by Rafael.

The new highly classified UAV will be integrated into the IAF’s “Storm Clouds” program aimed at introducing more very advanced autonomous systems that will work together to achieve faster sensor-to-shooter sequences with more precision.

Other capabilities incorporated in the new UAV are highly classified and built to answer operational scenarios projected for the next 10-15 years.



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