Latvian company EMJ Metals certified by Patria for armoured vehicle hull production

By Defence Industry Europe

EMJ Metals, a company based in Latvia, has received certification from Finnish military vehicle manufacturer Patria for producing hulls of the 6x6 armored vehicles.


This certification concludes a successful technology transfer, enabling EMJ Metals to independently manufacture armored vehicle hulls.

The process involves intricate metalworking, including cutting, bending, and advanced welding techniques.


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EMJ Metals, committed to delivering high-quality production, has invested significantly since 2019, including in new metalworking equipment and quality control processes.

The company has expanded its workforce, hiring skilled employees to handle production.

This collaboration with Patria has positioned EMJ Metals as an important player in military manufacturing, producing hulls for both Latvian and other NATO countries’ armies.




The company’s role in producing and assembling armored vehicles within Latvia is vital for national security, ensuring efficient supply chains for military needs.

Established in 2010, EMJ Metals has grown to become a leading metalworking and machinery company in Latvia, specializing in custom-ordered metal parts for the defence industry.



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