Leopard 2 for Ukraine: Pistorius expects rapid solutions for tank repairs

Source: deutschland.de, Defence Industry Europe

During his visit to Poland, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius called for rapid progress on setting up a repair centre for the Leopard 2 battle tanks which were sent to Ukraine.

Speaking at a meeting with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak, Pistorius said he expected solutions to be found within ten days.

“One thing must be clear: maintenance is an integral part of long-term support for Ukraine. Maintenance is no different to supplying munitions,” Pistorius said.

Pistorius and Blaszczak had agreed to set up the maintenance centre in April to repair the Leopard battle tanks from Poland and Germany which were in service for the war against Russia. The centre is to be set up in Gliwice in Upper Silesia.



Following his talks with Blaszczak, Pistorius visited launch sites of the German PATRIOT air defence system outside Zamosc.

Around 320 members of the Federal Armed Forces are stationed there. The PATRIOT systemis one of the world’s most advanced air defence systems and defends Poland’s airspace.


Source: deutschland.de.



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