Lockheed Martin to deliver fewer F-35 aircraft than planned this year

By Defence Industry Europe

Lockheed Martin has announced that due to software modification issues, it may deliver up to 50 fewer F-35 fighter jets in 2023 than originally planned. The Technology Refresh 3 (TR-3) update is causing the problems, and the Pentagon has declined to accept it until a thorough examination is completed.

Initially, the American defence giant planned to deliver 147-153 of the F-35 to customers. Now, its executives estimate that they will deliver significantly fewer in 2023, ranging from 100-120 aircraft.

Despite the software issues, Lockheed Martin has not curtailed F-35 production. Instead, it has suspended deliveries of aircraft with the new software. Once the software is modified, it will be installed, and the fighter jets can then be delivered to the customers.


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Lockheed Martin expects to deliver the first F-35s with TR-3 to customers in 2023 (originally scheduled for April). Currently, tests are underway for these aircraft with the new software. So far, 58 flights have been conducted with the four modified aircraft, and the company reports that the latest flights were successful.

Assuming no further issues arise, Lockheed Martin intends to deliver 156 F-35s in 2024. Similar quantities of these fighter jets are expected to be delivered in the subsequent years.



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