Lockheed Martin wins contract from NSPA under NGRC programme

Source: NSPA, Defence Industry Europe

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) announces the awarding of a contract for the third Study on Open System Architecture (OSA) to fulfil the Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC) Programme requirements.


On 13 December 2023 the contract study was awarded to Lockheed Martin, as a result of an open competition based on best value principles.

The purpose of the OSA Study is to identify, analyse and compare OSA concepts that could potentially fulfil the NGRC capability requirement. Its outcome will enrich NSPA’s knowledge and understanding of relevant OSAs and their enabling digital ecosystems to help inform assessment of future integrated platform concept design reviews.


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NSPA is preparing for the upcoming phase by hosting a kick-off meeting in January 2024. Its objective will be to provide NSPA with insights into OSA and Digital Engineering concepts necessary to prepare and assess future integrated platform concept design reviews. These reviews will be completed during Concept Study #5 over the next few months.

The award of Study #3 is a successful example of the effective governance of all NGRC Support Partnership Nations and confirms the Programme Office’s commitment to professionalism, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This contract award represents another leap forward for NSPA, as the Agency becomes the premier choice for defence acquisitions across the Alliance through its key link between Nations and Industry.



About the NGRC Programme

A significant amount of the medium multi-role assets currently in service across NATO Allies will reach the end of their life cycle in the 2035-40 period and beyond, with the subsequent need for replacements. These existing inventories are all based on designs dating back to the previous century. The aim of the Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC) is to respond to this upcoming requirement, in a timely and cost-effective manner, while concurrently leveraging a broad range of recent advances in technology, production methods, and operational concepts.



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