Missile defence: Germany signs final contract for Arrow 3 system

By Arie Egozi

The first battery of Arrow 3 Israeli-developed air defence systems will be delivered to Germany by the end of 2025. The final contract valued USD 3.6 billion between Israel and Germany was signed today (November 23) in Tel Aviv.


The Arrow 3 missile defence system is designed to intercept exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles. The Arrow 3 system also carried out its first operational interception during the ongoing Swords of Iron war, successfully destroying a target launched towards Israel in the Red Sea region.



Following the signing, billions of NIS will be allocated to facilitate the initiation of production at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and associated defence industries.

According to the agreement, the first ‘Arrow 3’ battery will be delivered to the German Ministry of Defence by the end of 2025.



The Arrow 3 system is co-developed and co-produced by the Israel Missile Defence Organization (IMDO) in the Israel Ministry of Defence and the United States Missile Defence Agency (MDA). Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is the primary contractor for the weapon system’s development and production, the Arrow interceptors, and the radar detection system. Elbit Systems is responsible for the development of the Command and Control system. Tomer and Rafael Advanced Systems are the main subcontractors for the development and production of the “Arrow 3” interceptor.



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