NATO Generals observe RAF’s new Guardian system

Source: Royal Air Force (RAF)

Senior NATO Commanders have visited RAF Boulmer to see the UK’s new Guardian system in action.

3-Star Generals from the USA and UK witnessed the effectiveness of the system while observing a simulated scramble of RAF Typhoon fighter jets on Quick Reaction Alert – the RAF’s response to hostile aircraft in UK airspace.

Guardian, which became fully operational in 2022, has been provided by IBM UK and gives RAF personnel based in the Control Reporting Centre in Northumberland a real-time picture of friendly and hostile aircraft. The Air Command & Control system also connects UK and NATO radars to ensure the sharing of information across borders and seamless collaboration with allied aircraft in the skies.

Group Captain John Booth is the Officer Commanding Battlespace Management Operations at RAF Boulmer. He said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the new Guardian system provided by our partners at IBM UK. The system securely integrates radars, radios and tactical data links from across the UK with NATO data, allowing us to defend the UK and NATO airspace from air threats. The visiting Generals saw, first hand, the UK contribution to defence of the NATO Alliance.”

As well as seeing the system’s capability to protect NATO airspaces, the Senior Commanders observed it’s combat readiness during a warfighting training session, and Guardian’s ability to surveil a large area of airspace and provide tactical control of NATO aircraft and systems.




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