Navantia: the S-81 submarine Isaac Peral sails at the maximum operational depth

Source: Navantia, Defence Industry Europe

The S-81 submarine Isaac Peral has successfully overcome the last safety milestone with navigation at the maximum operational depth, before its commissioning to the Spanish Navy (Armada). With the participation of Navantia, the Navy and the Ministry of Defence, this test took place last Tuesday. Therefore, the submarine has completed a major milestone and it will continue to undergo various tests until its final delivery, Navantia said in a statement.


The S-80 submarine construction programme thus consolidates itself as a strongly powerful product in the international market and also positions Navantia as a spearhead in the military submarine navigation.


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The programme for the construction of four S-80 submarines for the Navy is a huge technological leap for Navantia, the Navy and the Spanish industry. With the execution of this ambitious programme, Navantia becomes a Technical Design Authority and as such it participates in the new Technical Office (OTACV), which will implement a new support methodology.




The president of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez, has expressed his gratitude to the participants in this programme: “Sailing at maximum operational depth is a symbolic moment for all those who are involved: the Ministry of Defence, the Navy, Navantia personnel and the collaborating industry. It is, therefore, an excellent moment to recognize everyone’s work because, with the S-81, not only Navantia makes a qualitative leap forward, but Spain makes also a qualitative leap forward in its defence capabilities and in its industrial and technological base”.



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