Next batch of K2 main battle tanks delivered to Poland

By Defence Industry Europe

The South Korean company Hyundai Rotem has delivered an additional 15 K2 main battle tanks to the Polish Armed Forces, as announced by the Polish defence procurement agency (Armament Agency) on March 20.


According to the Armament Agency, a total of 15 K2 main battle tanks arrived in Poland on March 17 and March 19. These deliveries follow the delivery of 3 K2 tanks to Poland on March 11, bringing the total number of K2 main battle tanks supplied to Poland this month by Hyundai Rotem to 18.



As of today, the Polish Armed Forces possess 46 K2 tanks, with 10 vehicles having been delivered in 2022. As reported by Defence Industry Europe, Hyundai Rotem is fulfilling a USD 3.37 billion contract with the Polish Armed Forces for 180 K2 main battle tanks, signed in August 2022.



The agreement stipulates the delivery of 38 more tanks in 2024, while the remaining 96 vehicles are expected to be handed over to the Polish Armed Forces by the end of 2025.



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