Norway choses electronic warfare solution from Rohde & Schwarz

Source: Rohde & Schwarz, Defence Industry Europe

Norway has chosen Rohde & Schwarz for a comprehensive electronic warfare system that is now being phased into the army. This new capacity for electronic surveillance is called Heimdall, Rohde & Schwarz said in a press release.


The Norwegian army has chosen the Rohde & Schwarz equipment for its excellent RF characteristics, fast signal processing and well-engineered operability. The overall acquisition purpose was to improve the scope of surveillance and to provide better situational awareness.



“A key factor for mission success is the ability to gain information superiority and situational awareness,” Wolfgang Marchl, Vice President Government Rohde & Schwarz explains. “Heimdall enables the Norwegian Army to detect, locate and analyze information faster and more efficiently and to increase the army’s capability in electronic warfare.”



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