Norway commits NOK 690 million to bolster domestic ammunition production

By Defence Industry Europe

The Norwegian government is set to allocate NOK 690 million to enhance the nation's ammunition manufacturing capabilities, embracing a significant European defence initiative.


Norwegian Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram announced the decision to join the European Support for Ammunition Production (ASAP) program, with Norway contributing approximately 190 million NOK as its membership fee.

“Joining ASAP has the potential to trigger billion-kroner investments into increased production capacity within the Norwegian defense industry,” Gram stated.

In a strategic move to solidify national defense capabilities, the government is earmarking up to an additional NOK 500 million to support businesses that seek assistance through the ASAP program to expand their production capacity in Norway.



This initiative also includes Nammo, a Norwegian-based ammunition manufacturer that has recently indicated its intentions to augment production both within Norway and in the other countries it operates. “We have awarded several large contracts to Nammo over the past year, and have made advance payments to accelerate the pace of production,” said Gram.

However, the minister expressed concerns about Western preparedness, citing that donations to Ukraine are depleting Western emergency reserves. “We need to be prepared for the long haul, and therefore we must increase the volume and pace of production across all of Europe if it is to make a significant difference,” he elaborated.


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ASAP, with a fund of EUR 500 million, opens opportunities for Norwegian industries to apply for financial support, covering up to 45 percent of their investment costs. Norwegian defence companies are expected to seek funds before the application deadline in mid-December, with results anticipated in February.

“If our applications are successful, it means the Norwegian defence industry could rapidly scale up production. This is promising news for the industry and our national preparedness,” Norwegian Minister of Defence concluded, highlighting the strategic importance of this investment for Norway’s defense readiness and industrial growth.



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