Norway to increase the production capacity of ammunition and missiles

Source: Ministry of Defence of Norway, Defence Industry Europe

The Norwegian government aims to strengthen the production capabilities of Norwegian ammunition and missiles and is increasing the state sponsored financing of the ASAP applications.


“Ukraine needs artillery ammunition and missiles. Supporting Norwegian industry through ASAP will aid us in the continuing support for Ukraine, and at the same time strengthen our own defence,” says Norwegian Defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

Western defence industry has been significantly downsized and has limited production capacity. The capacity is insufficient to meet the substantial need in Ukraine and to replenish the stockpiles in donating nations.



ASAP, «Act in Support of Ammunition Production», is a program developed by the EU in order to strengthen and increase the production capabilities of ammunition and missiles that are donated to Ukraine and to also replenish storage. The program has an estimated cost of 500 million euros. The Norwegian support is financed through the Nansen program. In the past, the Norwegian government has supported Norwegian industry with 500 million NOK. The amount will now be increased to 950 million NOK. Another 190 million NOK in admission fee to the ASAP programme is also added.

“ASAP will contribute to better coordination between nations in order to further expand production capabilities. We have received a number of Norwegian project proposals, and we hope to support their ASAP applications,” states the Norwegian Defence minister.



The Norwegian Government has already supported a number of applications from Nammo Raufoss, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) and Chemring Nobel. Nammo produce both artillery ammunition and rocket engines, KDA produce missiles and Chemring Nobel produce explosives for ammunition.

Decisions on which companies will receive support from ASAP is expected in February. With good results in ASAP, the production capacity of the Norwegian defence industry could be expanded by several billion NOK.

“We are continuously working on various ways to strengthen production capacity, and ASAP is one of several measures,” concludes Gram.



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