NSPA awards major artillery ammunition contract to KNDS France

By Defence Industry Europe

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has secured a significant contract with KNDS France for the supply of 155mm ammunition, enhancing the long-range defence capabilities of NATO forces. The contract, valued in the triple-digit million euro range, encompasses High Explosive Extended Range Projectiles, Modular Charges, Fuzes, and Primers, designed to provide precision and suppressive firepower across distances exceeding 40 kilometers.


For more than three decades, NSPA has played a pivotal role in supporting the defence and deterrence strategies of NATO through its Ammunition Support Partnership (ASP), which services 28 NATO member nations. This partnership focuses on consolidating demand and procurement for multinational, multi-year contracts, ensuring that member nations have access to reliable, cost-effective, and secure ammunition supplies.

The contract with KNDS France aligns with the strategic objectives outlined in the Defence Production Action Plan (DPAP), which was endorsed by NATO heads of state at the July 2023 summit in Vilnius. The DPAP aims to replenish stockpiles, increase equipment commonality across the alliance, and address defence industrial capacity through three main pillars: demand aggregation, industrial capacity, and enhanced interoperability.


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The recent initiatives by NSPA, including the groundbreaking contracts for 155mm ammunition and the PATRIOT Guidance Enhanced Missiles (GEM-T), underscore its anticipatory approach in streamlining logistics and procurement. These efforts not only leverage economies of scale to negotiate more favorable terms with suppliers but also enhance material standardization and interoperability among NATO countries.

This contract marks a significant milestone in NATO’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its collective defence posture and readiness, ensuring that the alliance remains well-equipped to face various security challenges on the modern battlefield.




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