Avibras signs contract with Brazilian Army to supply Skyfire rockets

Source: Avibras

In October, Avibras signed a contract with the Brazilian Army (EB) to supply a batch of 70mm Skyfire rockets, reaffirming the solid partnership with the institution.


The SKYFIRE is part of the broad portfolio of high-value-added products developed by Avibras, allowing two distinct applications, one as axial armament for aircraft (air-surface) and the other as an area saturation system (surface-surface).

Considered of high-performance, they can be used in a wide range of aircraft, from helicopters to high-performance jets. They consist of 70 mm calibre rockets for various applications and their airborne multiple launchers.


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The rockets use composite solid propellant, they are provided with stabilizing fins and have a variety of warheads. Each rocket consists of a rocket motor and a warhead with fuze. The available rocket motor is the SKYFIRE: AV-SF 70 M9. The warheads available have specific effects such as anti-tank, anti-personnel and anti-materiel, flechette, anti-runway, and for exercise an inert warhead and a signalling warhead are available, each with an appropriate fuze. For Surface-to-Surface use, the SKYFIRE system is used as a saturation artillery rocket, with a range of up to 12 km, and can be fired from a towable launcher that can also be transported by helicopter. The launcher can also be mounted on a 4×4 vehicle. A derivative of the SKYFIRE rocket is also used as training ammunition (subcalibre) of the ASTROS System (Missile and Rocket Artillery System).


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The rocket motor, warheads and multiple launchers of the SKYFIRE-70 System are already certified by the Aerospace Product Certification Division of the IFI (Institute for Industrial Development and Coordination) / DCTA (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Brazilian Air Force) and operate in several aircraft around the world, including Embraer’s Super Tucano. In addition to being used by the Brazilian Army Aviation, SKYFIRE-70 rockets and launchers are also exported to several countries in Africa and Asia, being proven in combat.



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