PGZ and Hanwha Defense signed Memorandum of Understanding

Source: PGZ press release

The South Korean enterprise Hanwha Defense and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) have signed a memorandum of understanding, which specifies the partnership at production, servicing, life-cycle cost and future development of K9 self-propelled howitzers as well as two additional fields of cooperation: infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) and multiple launch rocket systems. Memorandum is another milestone in Polish defence industry partnership with Hanwha Defense.

The memorandum specifies the roles within Polish-Korean industrial partnership within project focused on procurement of 672 K9 family self-propelled howitzers. Other fields of future cooperation include cooperation on infantry fighting vehicles and missile artillery, if those solutions will be ordered by Polish Armed Forces.

K9 project cooperation is focused on maximizing partnership in areas such as: research and development, manufacturing, overhaul and modernization of related solutions for Polish, South Korean and other third party projects. The roadmap of this cooperation includes modernization of K9 howitzers to K9PL standard and joint R&D on next-generation field artillery system.

Poland has chosen K9 self-propelled howitzer as it’s replacement of S21 “Goździk” howitzers. Ultimately, it is planned to obtain 672 SPH’s, which will be produced, serviced and repaired within PGZ. Memorandum also explores other potential fields of PGZ-Hanwha cooperation – infantry fighting vehicles as well as missile artillery solution, both of which are being considered by Polish Ministry of National Defence.

In all aforementioned projects, due to the potential scale of procurement and the need to secure life-cycle cost management projects within country, Poland bets on securing highest possible level of local defence industry engagement in future procurements. The partnership memorandum signed on 7th is another step on the Polish-Korean partnership roadmap.


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