PGZ to produce “hundreds of thousands” 155mm artillery rounds for Polish Armed Forces

By Defence Industry Europe

On June 1, a consortium of companies belonging to the state-owned conglomerate Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) signed a long-term framework agreement with the Polish Armament Agency for the supply of ammunition for the Polish Armed Forces.

PGZ stated in a press release that the framework agreement includes the delivery of “hundreds of thousands” of 155mm artillery ammunition for the Polish Armed Forces. The agreement is valid until 2029 and also allows for the possibility of signing contracts for 120mm mortar and tank ammunition.

The consortium, named PGZ-Ammunition, was formed by the following PGZ subsidiary companies: Mesko, Dezamet, Nitro-Chem, Gamrat, and Belma.

“Polish Armaments Group already possesses significant capabilities in the production of ammunition of various types and calibres, ranging from small and medium-calibre ammunition to ammunition in 155mm and 120mm calibres. This is confirmed by the decisions of the EU, which, as part of building a European ammunition coalition in support of Ukraine, will most likely direct a significant portion of orders to Poland,” emphasized PGZ in the press release.

It should be noted that the signed framework agreement is not a contractual order for a specific quantity of artillery ammunition but rather defines the principles for signing executive agreements. These agreements are expected to be signed in the future.

“The next step will be the executive agreements, which will allow for the planning of annual volumes of ammunition deliveries in both the 155mm and 120mm calibres,” stated PGZ in the press release.



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