Rheinmetall announces expansion of the portfolio with the Caracal air assault vehicle [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

The brand new Caracal is Rheinmetall’s answer to the upcoming airborne vehicle requirements in Germany and various armies around the world.



”Strategically, the Caracal is expanding Rheinmetall’s portfolio in the field of light tactical wheeled vehicles, thus addressing the growing demand of specialized and airmobile forces,” Rheinmetall said on social media.

“Rheinmetall now offers a complete range of military land mobility capabilities, from tactical wheeled vehicles to military and militarized trucks to tracked vehicles, including Ly KF41 IFV and fully-fledged Panthe KF51 MBT,” the company added.

Based on the latest militarized and series-proven G-Class chassis, the Caracal enables a wide array of capabilities covering the full airborne operational spectrum. The compact vehicle design allows air-transportability as internal load or as underslung transport matching with the latest CH-47F Chinook and CH-53K King Stallion helicopters and comes with highest mobility, a lightweight superstructure and optionally mountable ballistic protection elements.

Its unique modular design allows Caracal to serve in airborne operations in various roles ranging from simple troop transport, via ambulance applications to combat engineer groups and different logistic applications.



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