Rheinmetall highlights mortar weapon station 120mm Ragnarok

Source: Rheinmetall

At DSEI 2023, Rheinmetall shows the Group’s Ragnarok, a versatile 120 mm mortar system. Ragnarok can be integrated into wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. On show at DSEI 2023 is a towed version mounted on a trailer.


Ragnarok is the successful result and sequel of the in service MWS81, an 81 mm mortar system delivered to the Norwegian armed forces in 2017. The Ragnarok has been designed to maintain flexibility as a major feature of the system as this will make the Ragnarok adaptable to meet a wide spectrum of requirements from customers. It can either re-use existing in-service barrels or be delivered inclusive of a barrel of customer’s preference. The possibility for customers to continue to use in-service barrels and thus also continue the usage of in-stock ammunition will dramatically reduce the need for customers to make any changes or adaptations in their current firing methods and principles.



Ragnarok is characterized by its adaptability, compact size and effect on target.

Adaptability: Ragnarok can be equipped with a range of barrels, either as customer furnished equipment or supplied by Rheinmetall. As most customers already have ballistic computers in service the Ragnarok can be supplied with interface to in GFE solutions, alternatively Ragnarok can also be offered inclusive of ballistic computation. For further networking capabilities Ragnarok will interface with most BMS systems ion the market. This will provide customers with good possibilities of conducting their mortar evolution with a minimum of changes in existing solutions and networks, should they desire.

Compact size: Ragnarok can be integrated onto most military vehicle platforms due to its small diameter, measuring only 1275mm it will leave ample space for the crew as well as ammunition storage. The force transferred to the vehicle platform is kept a very minimum and will eliminate need for support legs or similar solutions for most platforms.



Effect on target: A firm principle in designing Ragnarok has been to have a manually loaded mortar to enable maximum rate of fire and thus effect on target. Ehen integrated into a combat vehicle, loading is conducted from the integrated loaders platform, enabling the crew to perform the loading sequence with maintained ergonomics meeting peacetime requirements. With a maximum rate of fire of 18-20 rounds per minute the Ragnarok provides effect on target that dramatically outperforms automatic loading systems on the market. The high rate of fire enables the crew to conduct a complete 4 round mission from receiving the fire mission until last round fired in less than one minute. The short time needed in firing position will generate protection by movement, in addition, a manually loaded system provides high performance and reliability also in harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice and sand due to a very minimum of moving mechanical parts. We are looking forward to meeting you at booth H5-110!



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