Rheinmetall: powerful partner of armed forces and law enforcement agencies

Source: Rheinmetall

From 28 February to 1 March 2023, the security tradeshow EnforceTac opens its doors in Nürnberg. As a powerful partner of the armed forces and police, Rheinmetall AG will be on hand, presenting users, procurement officials and other specialists with part of the tactical product portfolio of its Vehicle Systems, Weapon and Ammunition and Electronic Solutions divisions.

Among the Rheinmetall highlights at this year’s 10th anniversary edition of EnforceTac:

Caracal: In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and ACS Armoured Car Systems, Rheinmetall offers a family of versatile, powerful, fast and compact 4×4 vehicles for lightweight formations such as airmobile and special forces units.

Survivor R: The superbly protected, multifaceted Survivor R is a high-mobility vehicle specially designed for security forces. Based on a 4×4 MAN chassis, it was developed in cooperation with special vehicle maker Achleitner. Germany’s Federal Police and the public order units of several German states have already opted for the latest generation of this special purpose vehicle.

Squad Support Weapon SSW 40: This is the world’s first automatic, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired 40mm grenade launcher. In terms of weight, size and handling, the SSW40 is similar to an assault rifle.

Special pyrotechnic products: Rheinmetall offers an extensive range of special pyrotechnic products, including the 9-Bang flash-bang grenade and the cuboid Spectac stun grenade, both with bottom top venting technology for maximum handling safety.

Paramir: Light and compact, this hand-fired signal system is available as an illumination rocket in various colours; as an infrared illumination rocket; as a smoke signal rocket and as a NBC alarming signal rocket. The rockets reach an altitude of around 100 metres, with an illumination period of approximately 15 seconds.

Laser light modules and fire control systems: In recent years, the Group’s family of high-performance LLM-VarioRay laser light modules has established itself in the armed forces of many nations, including those of Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Moreover, various special operations forces have introduced the laser light package consisting of the VTAL laser light module and the separate TL-MissionLight weapon torch. Among other things, the FCS-TacRay Ballistic sniper fire control system features a laser rangefinder with a 2,500-metre range and a ballistic computer for 32 different types of ammunition.


Rheinmetall – Partner of Law Enforcement

For many years, Rheinmetall has been an active partner of law enforcement agencies in Germany and throughout Europe. The product portfolio of its Public Security business unit includes, among other things, components for ballistic body armour, special munitions for police operations, optics and optronics for round-the-clock reconnaissance and surveillance, systems for detecting and countering drones, as well as highly protected special operations vehicles.



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