Rheinmetall supports M109A7 artillery system development

Source: Rheinmetall, BAE Systems

Rheinmetall and BAE Systems have successfully completed a live fire test of the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) modified with Rheinmetall’s L52 155mm, 52-caliber cannon. The M109-52 is a significant, low-risk, high-performance upgrade to the current 39-caliber cannon and provides additional range required in large-scale operations. The test, conducted at Camp Ripley, MN, proved the compatibility of the L52 cannon with the M109A7 platform during the live fire exercise.


“Integrating Rheinmetall’s world-class, battle-tested L52 artillery cannon system into the M109 platform will return tactical fires overmatch to the U.S. Army in a capability assured, timely, low-risk manner,” said Joe Chan, VP of Business Development at American Rheinmetall Munition.

Rheinmetall’s L52 artillery cannon system is currently the backbone of nine NATO and allied partner nations’ tactical artillery forces. By integrating this world class, combat proven system on the M109 platform, the US will achieve expanded interoperability on day one with battlefield partners. Notably, the cannon system has become a favorite for Ukraine due to its accuracy, range and durability in combat.


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The M109-52 offers a low-risk pathway to rapid development, putting this significantly improved capability in the hands of our warfighters quickly to ensure overmatch on the battlefield. By combining two mature systems, Rheinmetall and BAE Systems avoid many of the technical risks associated with similar lethality upgrade efforts. The criticality to deliver improved artillery capabilities is underscored by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and is a key part of the Army’s number one modernization priority – long-range precision fires.

The team plans to conduct additional testing in 2024, which will highlight extended range across a variety of ammunition combinations.



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