Roketsan tests Çakir cruise missile from Bayraktar Akinci drone

On May 11, one of the leading Turkish defence companies, Roketsan, conducted the first test firing of the newly developed cruise missile Çakir.

During the test, the Çakir cruise missile was successfully launched by the Bayraktar Akinci drone. The was successful, and the missile hit the target.



According to open sources, Akinci can carry four Çakir cruise missiles.

The development of the Çakir cruise missile family was launched by Roketsan in March 2021. The company is working on several versions of this missile, designed for land forces, navy, air forces, and intelligence services.

Çakir cruise missile can be used to attack land and naval targets.

Çakir weighs 275kg and is armed with a 70kg warhead. A missile variant designed for the intelligence service carries intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) equipment instead of a conventional warhead.



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