Rolls-Royce introduces first UK assembled mtu 8V 199 engine

Source: Rolls-Royce (mtu)

Rolls-Royce completed the first mtu eight-cylinder series 199 engine manufactured in the UK. The facility for the assembly and load testing of these engines, which are intended to power the Boxer vehicles for the British Army, is now fully operational at the plant in East Grinstead (West Sussex).


The test run of the first mtu 8V199 TE21 assembled in the UK with an output of 600 kW is now complete. The production of these special engines for military applications in the UK is part of the agreement for the delivery of the Boxer vehicle programme. The “Boxer” is a highly protected 8×8 wheeled vehicle whose modular architecture allows for an exceptionally high number of variants. So far, about 1,500 wheeled vehicles have been ordered, including for Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia.



The mtu series 199 is the best-selling tank engine in its power class. The 6- and 8-cylinder engines of the mtu 199 series are characterised by particularly high power combined with especially low weight and volume. Apart from the “Boxer”, the mtu series 199 also powers other armoured vehicles in this size class.The Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems manufactures the engines at three locations: in Friedrichshafen (Germany), East Grinstead (U.K.) and Aiken (USA).



Rolls-Royce is currently developing a variant of the mtu series 199 with even higher power output – 800 kW compared with the current 600 kW – to ensure best possible off-road mobility even for heavier vehicles.



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