Romania: three offers in the tender for 155mm self-propelled howitzers

By Defence Industry Europe

In a tender announced by the Romanian Ministry of National Defence for the purchase of new 155mm artillery systems, three bidders are competing. Bucharest intends to acquire 54 self-propelled howitzers, along with 18,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition and spare barrels, for approximately EUR 850 million.


According to sources, the Romanian Ministry of National Defence will now begin analyzing the submitted offers. The analysis will include the following artillery systems: the battle-proven Panzerhaubitze 2000, K9A1, and Firtina II.

It should be noted that the terms of the Romanian contract stipulate that along with the howitzers, 18,000 artillery projectiles, and 27 spare barrels, Bucharest will also purchase an appropriate number of accompanying vehicles. These will primarily include ammunition carriers, artillery reconnaissance vehicles, and technical support vehicles. The Romanian Ministry of National Defence also plans to acquire acoustic detection systems, which are essential for effective counter-battery fire.



Currently, it is difficult to predict the duration of the analysis of the submitted offers. Upon completion, there will undoubtedly be a phase of field testing for the offered howitzers. It is also known that Bucharest aims to involve the Romanian defence industry in the production and subsequent servicing of the howitzers.

Our sources indicate that for political reasons, Bucharest is most likely to opt for the purchase of K9A1 howitzers offered by the South Korean company Hanwha Aerospace.



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