Romania’s Parliament greenlights procurement of two Scorpene submarines

By Defence Industry Europe

In a significant development for Romania's defence capabilities, the Romanian Parliament has given its approval for the purchase of two Scorpene submarines produced by the French company Naval Group. This procurement decision marks a substantial investment in the country's naval strength.

Under the “Submarine against surface and underwater threats” procurement program, which is expected to span eight years and carry an estimated value of 2 billion euros, Romania will acquire two advanced Scorpene submarines from France.

The procurement program encompasses more than just the submarines themselves. In addition to the Scorpene submarines and torpedoes, the official program includes comprehensive logistical support, maintenance services, test and cryptographic equipment, as well as personnel training services that encompass combat use. This all-encompassing approach ensures that Romania will have the necessary resources and capabilities to effectively utilize and maintain their new assets.

In a separate agreement, Romania is set to bolster its mine-hunting capabilities through a government-to-government (G2G) agreement with the United Kingdom. According to official documents, Romania will acquire two second-hand, yet upgraded, mine-hunting vessels. This collaboration will enable Romania to strengthen its naval fleet and enhance its ability to detect and neutralize potential threats posed by underwater mines.



The approved acquisitions reflect Romania’s commitment to modernizing its defence infrastructure and expanding its maritime capabilities. By procuring advanced submarines and upgraded mine-hunting vessels, the country aims to bolster its readiness and ability to respond effectively to both surface and underwater threats.



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