Royal Netherlands Air Force deploys MQ-9A Reaper drones to Romania

By Defence Industry Europe

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has announced on social media the deployment of General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper drones to Romania. These Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) will be stationed at Campia Turzii air base in Romania, primarily for reconnaissance missions along NATO's eastern border.


Three MQ-9A Reaper drones are being relocated from the Caribbean to Romania. Accompanying them will be about 140 personnel from the Dutch Air Force. The Dutch contingent is expected to be stationed in Romania for a period ranging from six to twelve months.


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Additionally, part of the operation will be conducted from Leeuwarden base in the Netherlands, where control and command stations for the drone operators are located. The Dutch Air Force stated that the MQ-9A drones will only be performing reconnaissance missions over Central Europe.



Currently, the Netherlands possesses four MQ-9A Reaper drones, delivered in 2022. The positive assessment of their performance led to a decision to increase the fleet in August of the previous year. Furthermore, in May last year, a decision was made to modify the drones to enable them to carry weapons. According to the current schedule, the MQ-9A is expected to achieve initial operational readiness for armed missions by 2025, with full operational capability by 2028.



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