Spain awards TESS Defence contract for multipurpose tracked vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has officially awarded TESS Defence a contract for the design and manufacture of the Vehículo de Apoyo a Cadenas (VAC), a multipurpose tracked vehicle, for the Spanish Army, TESS Defence announced on December 26.


The value of this contract is approximately EUR 2 billion.

This project aims to upgrade the Spanish Army’s operational and logistical capabilities. The VAC is set to replace the existing Transporte Oruga Acorzado (TOA) vehicles, offering enhanced protection, mobility, and firepower, crucial for today’s challenging operational environments.


Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


The VAC program is not just a military upgrade but also a boost to the national defence industry. The project is expected to involve over 400 national suppliers, reinforcing Spain’s production structures. This will not only meet the army’s needs but also contribute to the collaborative and sustained development of defence capabilities.

TESS Defence’s VAC range will include various combat support vehicles, such as command post, anti-tank defence, 120 mm heavy carrier, sapper, forward observer, personnel carrier variants, and logistics vehicles like cargo, ambulance, and recovery versions. A prototype of the VAC in its carrier version was already showcased at FEINDEF by TESS Defence.


Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


TESS Defence, a strategic alliance in the land defence field, combines the expertise of EM&E, Indra, Santa Barbara, and SAPA. Their collective experience, especially from the VCR8x8 Dragon Program, positions TESS Defence to provide mature, agile technical solutions, ensuring the swift commissioning of the VAC.



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