Spain signs EUR 325 million contract for Mistral 3 air defence missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has taken a significant step to bolster the country's air defence capabilities by signing a contract for the procurement of Mistral 3 very short-range air defence missiles. The EUR 325 million deal was finalized with the Spanish branch of the European defence company MBDA (MBDA Spain) in November.


The contract encompasses the delivery of 522 Mistral 3 air defence missiles, along with related equipment and services. Local Spanish media reports that these missiles will be distributed across three branches of the Spanish Armed Forces: the army, air force, and navy.



MBDA touts the Mistral 3 as a versatile, multi-domain, and multiplatform missile, suitable for use by the army, navy, and air force. It is combat-proven and offers comprehensive protection against a wide array of threats, boasting an over 96% success rate.


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The Mistral 3 missile is described as a fire-and-forget system, maintaining exceptional performance levels consistently. Its terminal accuracy on maneuvering targets does not rely on the operator’s skills, reducing the need for intensive and continuous training regardless of the gunner and the launcher used.



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