Sweden: heavy advanced weapons to Ukraine

Source: The Government of Sweden

The Government of Sweden today presented a large three-part support package to Ukraine. The package includes a procurement cooperation scheme, instructions to the Swedish Armed Forces to prepare the transfer of the Archer Artillery System, and the largest defence equipment package to date. This includes recoilless rifles with ammunition, anti-tank weapons, assault rifles, mine clearance equipment, Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) with ammunition, and light anti-armour weapon Robot 57 (NLAW), worth SEK 4.3 billion.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has been authorised by the Government to negotiate and conclude international agreements with the competent authorities in Ukraine on matters such as the procurement of defence equipment. The agreement also includes cooperation on support to build and develop a procurement structure and activities, and also exchange of information and experience in the area.

The Government has instructed the Swedish Armed Forces to prepare a gift of non-assigned Archer B artillery units, along with peripheral equipment and appropriate ammunition, to Ukraine.

The Swedish Armed Forces have also been instructed to present a timetable and report on the need for international cooperation for the preparation and transfer of the relevant artillery units. In addition, the need for training in the artillery system will be assessed.

In its report, the Swedish Armed Forces will also inform the Government of possible ways to replace the corresponding artillery units, peripheral equipment and ammunition, and the costs involved. The possible risks should the artillery pieces be lost or fall into the wrong hands – and how this would be dealt with – will also be assessed.

In a government bill, the Government intends to propose that Sweden provide a large package to Ukraine of military equipment that the Swedish Armed Forces can do without for a limited period.

The package includes: recoilless rifles (Carl-Gustaf) with ammunition, anti-tank weapons (AT4), light anti-tank weapon Robot 57 (NLAW), assault rifles, mine-clearance equipment and Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90), at a maximum value of SEK 4.3 billion.



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