Swedish Armed Forces receive two upgraded NH90 helicopters

By Defence Industry Europe

The Swedish Armed Forces recently took delivery of two upgraded NH90 helicopters, known as Helikopter 14 in Sweden. These helicopters, flown in from Finland and France, have been modified to achieve full capability and equipment levels as per the Swedish Armed Forces' requirements.


Helikopter 14, recognized as one of the world’s most advanced helicopters, is versatile for various missions including troop transport, rescue operations, surface target reconnaissance, and submarine hunting. Out of the 18 NH90 models in the Swedish inventory, eleven are undergoing or have completed upgrades to their final configurations. These modifications, conducted as part of the Retrofit project in France and Finland, include the addition of new equipment like tactical radars.



The delivery involved meticulous planning and cooperation between FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration), the Swedish Armed Forces, and industry partners. Lena Matz of FMV, the project manager for Helikopter 14, highlighted the significance of these deliveries in enhancing the capabilities and readiness of the Swedish forces, especially in the current global context.

The NH90, a collaborative project by HNIndustries, is a medium-heavy helicopter built using composite materials and fly-by-wire flight controls, which facilitate future updates. Sweden had ordered eighteen of these models in the early 2000s, with seventeen now delivered in their final configuration.


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According to Kjell Andersson of FMV, who led one of the delivery teams, the NH90 is flexible and can be equipped with various equipment types depending on the mission. The last of the NH90 helicopters, equipped with sonar and tactical radar for submarine hunting, is expected to be delivered by spring, marking the completion of Sweden’s NH90 fleet update.



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