The Puzzle, innovative AI-based decision support suit from Rafael

By Arie Egozi

Israeli defence company Rafael unveiled the Puzzle, an innovative AI-based decision support suite that combines multi-domain intelligence and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Puzzle represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in situational analysis and the Sensor to Shooter circuit, enabling unprecedented efficiency, speed, and precision.

The highly anticipated Puzzle suite will be officially presented at the Paris Air Show

Puzzle integrates information from diverse sensor sources, including VISINT (visual intelligence such as photos, satellite imagery, and videos) and SIGINT (signals intelligence – communication/electronic), creating a comprehensive and filtered dataset through advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. The suite’s ability to rapidly process and analyze information empowers military decision-makers, shortening operational timelines and optimizing the effectiveness of military operations.

In recent years, armed forces worldwide have invested heavily in advanced sensor technologies to enhance their intelligence gathering capabilities. However, the growing volume of information obtained from these sensors often exceeds the capacity for timely analysis and utilization. Notably, a significant portion of the data remains unexamined, resulting in suboptimal target production and, at times, wasteful deployment of expensive armaments.

According to Rafael , the Puzzle suite addresses these challenges by leveraging AI algorithms to enable human analysts to handle vast amounts of information rapidly. By separating crucial data from extraneous details, Puzzle facilitates targeted extraction of relevant intelligence, effectively sifting through mountains of big data. Whether deployed in stationary command and intelligence centers or mobile field headquarters, Puzzle seamlessly interfaces with existing command and control systems, operating both during routine activities and in times of crisis, operational activity, or warfare. Its significance lies in its ability to understand the necessary targets and assign the appropriate effectors while meeting demanding schedules, effectively bridging the gap in the sensor to shooter circuit.



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