Turkey’s defence industry achieves USD 5.5 billion in exports in 2023

By Defence Industry Europe

Turkey's Defence Industry Agency (SSB) announced that the country's defence industry exports reached a significant milestone in 2023, totaling USD 5.5 billion. This achievement underscores Turkey's growing prominence in the global defence market. SSB also released a list of the top 10 exporters within Turkey's aerospace and defence sector.


Leading the pack was Baykar, known for its diverse range of combat drones. Baykar’s export value in 2023 alone was USD 1.7 billion, accounting for over 30% of Turkey’s total military exports. Notably, exports constituted 90% of Baykar’s total revenue for the year.



Following Baykar, TUSAŞ (TAI) secured the second position with exports worth  USD 864 million. The third spot was claimed by MKE with USD 439 million in exports. Other notable companies on the list included TEI (USD 337 million), BMC (USD 255 million), Roketsan (USD 161 million), RAM Dış Ticaret (USD 160 million), Pratt & Whitney Thy Teknik (USD 111 million), Aselsan (USD 108 million), and SYS (USD 104 million).



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