Ukraine to receive tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from Czech defence industry stocks

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Denmark and the Czech Republic shall supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, battle tanks, heavy weaponry and other materiel from the production and stocks of the Czech defence industry. The supplies shall be financed by the Danish Government.


The countries joined their effort within a project designed to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom, democracy and right to self-determination against the Russian aggression through the provision of modern weaponry.

In the first phase of the project, both states expect a delivery of nearly 50 IFVs and main battle tanks, 2,500 handguns, 7,000 rifles, 500 light machine guns and 500 sniper rifles, electronic warfare and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) equipment, as well as sizeable quantities of large-calibre ammunition from the production and stocks of Czech companies.




“This step represents a significant donation of equipment which is highly sought after in Ukraine. This donation was enabled by the excellent cooperation between Denmark and the Czech Republic,” said the Danish Minister of Defence Troels Lund Poulsen.

“In this project, the Ministry of Defence plays merely an intermediary role. There is a significant number of defence industry companies with whom we have a long-lasting relationship and therefore are able to link them up with those, who – just like us – wish to help Ukraine,” explained Czech Deputy Minister of Defence Daniel Blažkovec. He further added that such a form of cooperation will make it possible for the stakeholders to continue supporting Ukraine not only in the upcoming months but also in 2024 and, if needed, in the long-term horizon.


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The delivery includes modern Czech weaponry, as well as refurbished equipment, which is already being used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The list was devised in accordance with the requests and needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the aim to strengthen their combat capabilities.

Both countries intend to also donate to Ukraine 500 heavy machine guns, 280 recoilless cannons, 7,000 antitank missiles, 10,000 hand grenades and 60 mortar systems. The delivery is expected to include a significant number of counter-drone systems.



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