US agrees to sell F-35 with package of bombs and missiles to Czech Republic

By Defence Industry Europe

On June 29, the US Department of State announced the approval for the potential sale of multi-role Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fighter jets and large package of missiles and bombs to the Czech Republic.

The US government has agreed to sell 24 F-35A Lightning II aircraft to Czech Republic, along with an additional package.

The total value of the deal is estimated at USD 5.6 billion, which is the maximum value of a possible government-to-government agreement.

As part of the deal, the Czechs are interested in purchasing an additional Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-100 engine, 70 Raytheon AIM-120C-8 AMRAAM missiles, 86 GBU-53/B StormBreaker bombs, 12 Mk 84 general purpose bombs, 50 AIM-9X Block II/II+ Sidewinder missiles. Additionally, the package includes standard training and logistics services.

The Czech Republic sent the request for proposals to the United States in July of last year. The F-35A Lightning II aircraft will replace the currently leased Saab JAS-39C/D Gripen in the Czech Air Force. It is also possible that the Czechs will retire some of their light Aero L-159ALCA aircraft.



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