AFRY signs agreement with BAE Systems Hägglunds for CV90 programme

Source: AFRY, Defence Industry Europe

AFRY deepens the strategic partnership with BAE Systems Hägglunds, a leading Swedish defence and security company with expertise in the design, development, and production of military vehicles and systems. As part of the expanded collaboration, AFRY has signed a new assignment with an estimated ordervalue of 300 million SEK to provide advanced engineering solutions for the company’s CV90 platform which is a series of military vehicles.


The new agreement between AFRY and BAE Systems Hägglunds commences during the second quarter of 2024 and extends until 2027. The assignment involves a strategic commitment to support the establishment of a program office for engineering development for one of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ CV90 clients. The program office will undertake a significant part of the design and engineering work in the project, where AFRY will play a central role.


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“AFRY has the experience from advanced projects in design, calculation, and engineering, but also a significant competence in the defence industry, system engineering, operation and security systems. We look forward to deepening our collaboration and leveraging their technical expertise” says Lars Pettersson, Head of Engineering at BAE Systems Hägglunds.

“We are proud to have been awarded this contract and see it as a recognition of our ability to deliver high-quality engineering solutions. Together with Hägglunds, we look forward to contributing to a successful technological development within the defence industry and societal security” states Martin Öman, Head of Industrial and Digital Solutions at AFRY.


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The intensified collaboration between the companies has also resulted in a dedicated project office for product development in Trollhättan and Gothenburg. AFRY’s project office will consist of around 100 engineers and defence experts, supporting BAE Systems Hägglunds’ organisation in various projects within the defence industry.



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