Airbus conducts a qualification campaign for the Nexter 20mm pod on the H225M

Source: Nexter (a company of KNDS)

Nexter, a company of KNDS, is assisting Airbus Helicopters with the qualification of its 20mm pod on the H225M. The first firing took place in April 2023. This joint project follows on from decades of collaboration, with the 30mm turret on the Tiger helicopter, among others.

The NC 621 incorporates the 20mm M621 gun, effective up to 2km. Its low recoil mak it easy to integrate on lightweight platforms. It has been specifically developed to arm all types of light aircraft and helicopters, and requires no major adaptation work.

The Nexter pod fires standard NATO ammunition (20x102mm). This sovereign gun is distinguished by its ease of use and maintenance. Its performance in terms of size, accuracy and power make it an excellent alternative to 12.7mm weapons. Several thousand are in service today for air, land and sea applications.

Nexter, a KNDS company, is the leading weapons manufacturer for French air systems, and it has been supplying solutions for combat aircraft and helicopters for decades.



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