Arexis system from Saab selected for Eurofighter EK

By Defence Industry Europe

The Eurofighter EK (Elektronischer Kampf, Electronic Warfare) is underway, Airbus announced in a press release dated November 29. Airbus is set to equip 15 German Eurofighters for an electronic warfare role, with Saab's Arexis system confirmed to be a part of the setup.


In June, the German defence procurement agency (BAAINBw) announced the selection of Saab’s Arexis as the desired sensor solution for an electronic warfare variant of the Eurofighter aircraft. However, Saab had not yet signed a contract or received any orders related to this announcement.

The role of the Luftwaffe’s electronic warfare aircraft has been previously filled by the Tornado Electronic Countermeasures and Reconnaissance (ECR), which had various systems implemented by Saab. This role is set to be gradually replaced.



According to Saab, the Arexis is a modular electronic warfare solution based on advanced hardware and software with sophisticated AI algorithms that give the user superior capability in complex electromagnetic environments.

With Saab’s transmitter positioning system and the Anti-Radiation Missile (AARGM) from Northrop Grumman, the Eurofighter EK will be able to detect, locate, and neutralize air defence radars. Moreover, the Saab solution includes jamming equipment that enhances the Eurofighter’s self-protection, Airbus reports.

The Eurofighter EK also features onboard technologies developed by small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as a startup. These include an AI solution that enables onboard radar data analysis and quickly determines precise self-protection measures, Airbus continues.



Helsing, a German defence startup collaborating with Saab to deliver the system, has previously garnered significant attention in Sweden. Just over two years ago, Spotify founder Daniel Ek invested one billion kronor in the startup and joined its board. In a press release from Helsing dated June 16, co-founder Gundbert Scherf stated that the ongoing war in Ukraine demonstrates the critical role of cyber warfare and that AI now plays a fundamental role in modern electronic warfare.



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