Asio Technologies to present its GNSS-denied vision-based navigation solution at AUSA 2023

Source: Asio Technologies, Defence Industry Europe

Asio Technologies, a renowned developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defence solutions, will present its GNSS-denied vision-based navigation solution for UAVs at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, DC. The company announces that it has recently completed the delivery of 100 systems to a strategic defence customer. This is a follow-on order emphasizing the distinctive benefits of Asio Technologies' unique navigation solution for defence clients and drone manufacturers.


“We are honored to present our solutions at the AUSA exhibition and seal another substantial delivery of our vision-based navigation solution to a key customer. Asio Technologies’ innovative navigation solutions provide complete autonomy for drone operations as well as ensure that infantry soldiers will have the most accurate real-time information in the palm of their hands,” said David Harel, CEO of Asio Technologies.

The company’s vision-based navigation system is a cutting-edge, jam-proof navigation solution that ensures uninterrupted operations from takeoff to landing for drones and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). By leveraging state-of-the-art machine vision technology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced optics, and sensor fusion capabilities, it enables accurate and autonomous GNSS-free navigation, even in environments where the GNSS signal is compromised, jammed, or simply unavailable. It is a lightweight vision-based navigation system for tactical platforms where size, weight, and power are defining parameters.



At AUSA, the company will also showcase its ORION system: a rugged and secured mobile system for dismounted forces, enabling mission planning and real-time navigation. Using Android platform, ORION (or OLAR/AMUD – as called by the IDF) enables mission planning, positioning, and enhanced situational awareness using the GIS database and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. ORION serves the individual soldier or commander up to the battalion level, allowing them to get real-time updates from each other regarding friendly and hostile forces, as well as additional mission-critical information. It can communicate and interface with other ASIO Technologies tactical solutions, such as the LYNX tactical handheld day/night augmented reality situation awareness system, to provide a fully integrated tactical combat suit for ground forces.



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