Belgium advances military capabilities with purchase of 19 CAESAR NG howitzers

By Defence Industry Europe

Belgium has approved the acquisition of 19 additional CAESAR NG self-propelled howitzers from Nexter (KNDS). This decision was made by the Belgian parliament’s military procurement commission, marking a substantial expansion in the nation's artillery strength.


The decision follows an initial order of nine CAESAR NG guns, scheduled for delivery starting from 2027. This acquisition is part of the broader “strategic partnership” with France under the Camo (MOtorized CApacity) program. The program is dedicated to achieving full interoperability between the army units of Belgium and France, integrating new Griffon and Jaguar combat vehicles into their military frameworks.


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With this latest procurement, Belgium’s total CAESAR howitzer count reaches 28, signifying a substantial enhancement of its artillery battalion. This acquisition is particularly notable given the loss of field artillery capability in the Belgian armed forces due to successive restructuring plans between 2000 and 2020, culminating in the retirement of the M109s.



The addition of the CAESAR NG howitzers represents a significant upgrade in Belgium’s military hardware, positioning the country to better train its artillerymen and bolster its defence capabilities. The CAESAR NG, known for its precision and mobility, will play a vital role in modernizing the Belgian army’s artillery capabilities and aligning them with current operational requirements.



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