Boeing and CAE agree to enhance P-8 training solutions

Source: Boeing, CAE

Boeing and CAE signed teaming agreements to expand multi-mission platform collaboration in Canada, Germany and Norway. These agreements utilize the complementary capabilities of each company to provide superior management, technical and cost-effective training solutions for the P-8A Poseidon program.

“These agreements aim to advance mission readiness for defense customers operating Boeing P-8 aircraft,” said Torbjorn Sjogren, Boeing vice president and general manager, Government Services. “Working together, Boeing and CAE can deliver outcome-based pilot and aircrew training, maintenance ground school, in-service support, and instructor training at the point of need.”

As a member of Team Poseidon in Boeing’s Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) offering, CAE is part of a Canadian P-8 industrial footprint that builds on 81 Canadian partners on the platform.

“Mission success depends on advanced preparation and rapid response,” said Daniel Gelston, CAE Defense & Security president. “As a premier provider in flight training and simulation, we leverage collaboration to create an agile network of proven training, simulation and in-service support solutions to deliver critical readiness for defense forces worldwide.”

This collaboration amplifies a long-standing relationship spanning commercial and defence portfolios across the globe. For more than a decade CAE has delivered operational flight trainers on the Boeing P-8A platform supporting the U.S. Navy, Royal New Zealand Air Force and United Kingdom Royal Air Force.



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