Bundestag approves EUR 4 billion Arrow 3 missile defence system procurement

By Defence Industry Europe

Germany's Budget Committee of the Bundestag has given the green light to the purchase of the missile defence system with Arrow 3 interceptors from Israel, with a budget of EUR 4 billion.


The Bundeswehr will procure the Arrow 3 missile defence system from the Israeli government. This substantial investment, amounting to around four billion euros, will be financed from a dedicated special fund.

The Arrow 3 missile defence system comprises command posts, sensors, and missile launchers, forming the core of Germany’s new territorial missile defence capability.



During a recent inaugural visit to Germany by the Israeli Defence Minister, both nations solidified their commitment to close cooperation on the Arrow 3 project. Developed by Israel in collaboration with the United States, the Arrow 3 missile defence system is already available, enabling the Bundeswehr to aim for initial operational capability as early as 2025, with further expansions anticipated up to 2030.

The Arrow 3 offers the capability to intercept enemy missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere with precision, ensuring a direct hit (hit-to-kill) as these missiles approach. This system is set to play a critical role in safeguarding Germany, its population, and its vital infrastructure from ballistic missiles within the upper interception layer. Future plans involve integrating this defence system into the NATO alliance in close coordination with Israel and the USA.


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Boris Pistorius, Germany’s Defence Minister, expressed his enthusiasm for these advancements in national and alliance defence capabilities. He noted that this development marks a significant shift in the era of defence preparedness. The Budget Committee’s decisions are poised to reinforce the operational readiness of the German Armed Forces.



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