Chair of the NATO Military Committee: “It is time we look at effectiveness again”

Source: NATO HQ

The Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer attended the NATO-Industry Forum 2023, hosted in Stockholm, Sweden, where he delivered a keynote speech on NATO standardisation and the role of the defence industry in collective defence. The Forum brings together political and military officials from NATO and EU institutions as well as Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives from the defence and security industry.


In his keynote speech, Admiral Bauer highlighted the concern of the Allied and Invitee Chiefs of Defence who see “production times lagging behind, delivery times moving to the right, and prices for equipment and ammunition going through the roof”.

“With the current shortfalls in production capacity, there is an urgent need for more standardisation. We need it and we need it fast. Because not only does standardisation lead to more interoperability, it also leads to more joint procurement, and that in turn creates the effectiveness the current security climate calls for. It also provides the long term demand signal that the industry wants”, stressed the Chair.



In an era of collective defence when time is of the essence, common standards and ways of working together are essential components to strong deterrence and defence.

Admiral Bauer noted that the era of crisis management allowed time to plan, purchase and predict. As NATO returns to an era of collective defence, it needs to be ready to expect any kind of scenario, at any time. “That means that it is time we look at effectiveness again. The public and private sector need to loosen the mutually destructive efficiency-chokehold and stop waiting for the other side to move first. This is a problem we all own. In order to change the system, we need leaders from industry and investors and governments to come together.”

During his visit to Sweden, the Chair also met with the Swedish Chief of Defence, General Micael Bydén. Discussions centred on Sweden’s accession to NATO, and the executability of NATO’s defence plans. “Sweden will become a member of NATO and the Alliance looks forward to completing the process as soon as possible. Sweden is much stronger and safer now, than before it was invited to join our Alliance,” stated Admiral Bauer.



Admiral Bauer also delivered a speech at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 104th Rose-Roth Seminar. Admiral Bauer focused his remarks on the executability of the defence plans, which now need to be turned into action. “The execution of these plans requires nations to deliver on the promises they made to NATO and provide the necessary forces and capabilities. In times of collective defence, if a Nation does not provide what they promised, they not only take a risk to their own defence but also to the collective defence of their Allies,” stressed Admiral Bauer.



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