Creomagic unveils CreoAir-HP

By Arie Egozi

Israel-based communications manufacturer, Creomagic, has unveiled the CreoAir-HP, a compact airborne radio designed to connect multiple platforms in joint manned and unmanned air combat teams (MUM-T). The new airborne radio will be unveiled at the Paris Airshow (Hall 3, Stand A-64).

According to Creomagic, the new CreoAir-HP has already been ordered in significant volumes by several leading manufacturers of military aircraft and UAS to equip their aerial platforms, including UAS and loitering munitions. Among their missions, these systems shall operate in teams of large and small platforms, a requirement that made CreoAir-HP an optimal communication solution due to its compact size and weight, link stability, and exceptional performance.

CreoAir-HP comprises a certified airborne radio weighing only 800g and a range of ground terminals equipped with directional tracking antennas for various ranges, up to 250km. The radio supports simultaneous operation of multiple platforms in the air, on the ground, and on the sea surface. An upcoming configuration of CreoAir-HP will also include an airborne terminal with directional tracking capabilities. The new radio complies with communication and military standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-704.

Additionally, CreoAir-HP includes several world-leading COMSEC capabilities, such as Dynamic Spectrum Access, which significantly improves the capability to avoid hostile jamming and other ECM efforts, as well as a high level of encryption, frequency hopping, and operation in GPS-denied or jammed areas, relying on RF-based positioning.

“Future aerial operations will often combine manned aircraft operating in close collaboration with unmanned platforms in a variety of missions: surveillance, relay, ELINT and COMINT, and combat missions,” said Alex Shapochnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Creomagic. “The new CreoAir HP has been designed to connect these assets to optimize the potential of the growing Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T).

“Another crucial phenomenon of today’s battlespace is the presence of intelligent electronic countermeasures (ECM) operated by modern forces from all sides of conflicts. In some cases, the EW-affected environment makes communications much less secure and effective, particularly for UAS and drones. The new CreoAir is one of only a few radio systems that can overcome such ECM and maintain secure connectivity,” Shapochnik concluded.

MUM-T is described as “the synchronized employment of soldiers, manned and unmanned air and ground vehicles, robotics, and sensors to achieve enhanced situational understanding, greater lethality, and improved survivability.” MUM-T enables connections between manned platforms and UAS at various Levels of Interoperability (LOI) by utilizing advanced data communications. This enables the UAS’s output to be shared by manned aircraft and ground forces, which may improve mission effectiveness and decision-making by providing new capabilities.

As the operational demand for MUM-T capability is growing very fast, the Israeli system has already created significant interest due to its proven capability and cost-effectiveness. The system identifies EW interferences and avoids jamming.



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