Czech Republic acquires I-Derby ER missiles for Spyder air defence system

By Defence Industry Europe

The Czech government has decided to order 48 I-Derby ER (Extended Range) missiles manufactured by the Israeli defence giant Rafael. The contract, valued at nearly USD 200 million, is expected to be signed in the coming days.


According to the Czech Ministry of Defence, the I-Derby ER missile will be used as effectors for the Spyder air defence system offered by Rafael. In October 2021, the Czech Republic signed a contract with the Israeli government for four batteries of this system, along with MMR air defence radars manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). This contract was valued at approximately USD 630 million, including VAT.


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As the Czech Ministry of Defence stated at the time, all four batteries of the Spyder air defence system will be delivered to the Czech Armed Forces by 2026. The deliveries of I-Derby ER missiles under the new deal are expected to be completed by 2027.



When armed with I-Derby ER missiles, the Czech Armed Forces will achieve the capability to intercept a variety of aerial targets, including aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles, at ranges of up to 80 km and altitudes of 20 km. However, the Israeli company Rafael declares that the I-Derby ER missile is able to intercept targets at a range of up to 100km.



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