Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine to cooperate on procurement and operation of CV90 vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Ministers of Defence of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, and Ukraine have signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation in the Procurement and Operation of CV90 Tracked Infantry Combat Vehicles (IFVs). The signing took place during the NATO Defence Ministers' Meeting in Brussels.

The signing of the declaration signifies the unity and readiness of the three countries to collectively advance their defence capabilities and view Ukraine as a full-fledged partner in the West. Minister of Defence Jana Černochová emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation during the signing.

“I see Ukraine as a clear part of the West. And the strength of the West is in its unity. Today’s signing of the Declaration on cooperation in the procurement and operation of infantry tracked combat vehicles clearly shows both that we are united and ready to advance in the provision of our defence collectively, and that we perceive Ukraine as a full-fledged partner,” said Minister of Defence Jana Černochová at the signing of the declaration.

The declaration focuses on facilitating information sharing between the countries regarding their national acquisition processes. This will aid in harmonizing the requirements of their respective armies and exploring opportunities for cooperation in areas such as production, operation, training, and servicing.

Importantly, the declaration does not impose any legal or financial obligations on the participating countries or third parties. It also does not replace the provisions of a previous declaration between the Ministries of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic regarding cooperation in the procurement and operation of tracked infantry fighting vehicles.



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