Diehl Defence extends cooperation with IDE on IRIS-T missile family

By Defence Industry Europe

Greek technology company, Intracom Defense (IDE), received new orders from Diehl Defence for the production of crucial electronic components for the IRIS-T family of missiles.

“This new award is a result of IDE’s continuous efforts and investment in the engineering development and manufacturing of advanced technology products for the most demanding environments,” Intracom Defense said in a press release.

IDE specializes in the production of missile launchers, missile subsystems, land and sea tactical communications, hybrid generation, and more. The company is active in Greece and other NATO countries and has defence collaborations with leading companies in the United States and Europe. The company is a provider of subsystems for the American defence giant Raytheon and European missile powerhouse MBDA. For many years, Intracom Defense has cooperated with the German company Diehl Defence and provided it with electronic components for IRIS-T missiles.



Moreover, the German company Diehl Defence aims to extend cooperation with the Greek defence industry, including other companies such as Hellenic Defense Systems. Diehl offers its air defence systems IRIS-T SLX/SLS/SLM to the Hellenic Armed Forces, and it intends to establish a wide-range cooperation with the local industry for the coproduction of these systems.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, in May, Intracom Defense was acquired by the Israeli defence and aerospace giant, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

“IDE, as a Greek entity, will be integrated into IAI’s business activities in Greece and Europe, while providing solutions to the challenges faced by the continent’s countries. After the current acquisition, the company’s Greek customers will continue to benefit from the company’s independence, as well as a larger and more widely deployed range of services for new markets,” IAI said in a statement in May.



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