DSIT signs contract with European shipyard for ASW systems

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company DSIT signed a contract with a leading European shipyard to supply and integrate a full ASW sonar suite. This will include the company's BlackFish and WhitePointer systems, and acoustic dome ‒ with the customer's designated combat management system.

BlackFish HMS is an advanced medium frequency system designed for the self-protection of medium-to-large surface vessels engaged in both littoral and deep water Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations.

According to the company , the BlackFish system provides modern, sophisticated underwater search, detection, tracking and classification capabilities. Implementing cutting-edge electronics and acoustic technologies, machine learning, automation, and signal processing, the BlackFish system protects surface ships from submarines, moored mines, underwater obstacles and torpedoes. Its exceptionally high acoustic performance enables a high probability of detection as well as a long distance detection range of submarines and approaching torpedoes. Open architecture allows easy integration with any existing C4I systems and other sensors.

WhitePointer, an Underwater Communication System that according to the company enables reliable voice and data transmissions between surface vessels, submarines, and other underwater platforms such as SDVs, DPVs, AUVs UUVs, and divers. The system, which includes a high power, synthesized transceiver, supports underwater communication networks with multiple users. Up to 30 frequencies can be programmed, and a unique monitoring feature enables the user to listen to any transmission occurring at NATO frequency, while operating the transceiver at a different frequency. Both BlackFish and WhitePointer will be installed in a single dome.

DSIT says that the comprehensive system was selected by the Shipyard and the Navy, following a thorough competition, in view of its high reliability, excellent performance and track record, simplicity of operation and maintenance, as well as good value for money. The BlackFish system’s advanced algorithms developed by DSIT to reduce operator load, combined with alerting capabilities for a wide range of underwater threats, offer precise location and classification of underwater threats.

Hanan Marom, VP BD & Marketing, of the company said that the selected package significantly reduces workload as well as training requirements.



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