Dutch MQ-9 Reapers commence surveillance operations on NATO’s eastern flank

By Defence Industry Europe

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has announced the deployment of MQ-9 drones to bolster NATO's surveillance capabilities along its eastern flank. The first two MQ-9 aircraft arrived in Romania two nights ago, with the final drone expected to join shortly. These drones will gather intelligence along the NATO eastern border.


Operating from the Romanian Air Force Base at Campia Turzii, these drones mark a significant step in the Netherlands’ contribution to NATO’s security efforts. Dutch military engineers are currently establishing a base camp at the site to facilitate the deployment. The control and operation of these unmanned aircraft will be conducted remotely from Vliegbasis Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, where the collected data will also be processed.


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The MQ-9 drones are set to conduct operations over both land and sea. This deployment not only enhances the Netherlands’ independent intelligence capabilities but also allows for the sharing of critical information with NATO allies. This is particularly vital for the defence of the alliance’s border areas.



Previously stationed in Curaçao for training purposes and anti-drug operations, these Reapers have accumulated over 2800 flight hours around the island. They have been instrumental in preparing air force personnel and have now been transported to Romania for their new mission.



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