ECRS Mk2 radar integrated with the first Eurofighter Typhoon jet

By Defence Industry Europe

The first Eurofighter Typhoon jet of the United Kingdom has been equipped with the European Common Radar System (ECRS) Mark 2 Radar (ECRS Mk2) ahead of its initial flight trials. This integration is part of a substantial GBP 2.35 billion investment aimed at enhancing the Typhoon's capabilities.


Developed by Leonardo UK, the European Common Radar System Mark 2 Radar (ECRS Mk2) features a cutting-edge multi-functional array (MFA). This allows the Typhoon to concurrently detect, identify, and track multiple targets, both aerial and terrestrial, while also executing electronic warfare operations.



The radar prototype, which has undergone extensive ground-based testing at BAE Systems’ facility in Warton, Lancashire, has now been successfully installed onto a UK Typhoon test and evaluation aircraft (BS116) by BAE Systems. This integration signifies a major step forward in the aircraft’s operational capabilities.


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This upgrade not only boosts the UK’s defense prowess but also supports the Prime Minister’s objective of economic growth. The enhancement program is expected to sustain around 1,300 high-quality engineering jobs across the UK over the next decade.



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