Elbit Systems of America to develop a JETS II prototype for US Army

By Arie Egozi

The US Army selected Elbit Systems of America to develop and qualify a prototype Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) II product, making targeting easier and more precise, and providing faster effects on targets. The JETS II prototype system development and qualification will be done at the company’s Merrimack, New Hampshire facility through 2026.


Minimizing the time between a threat’s detection and its elimination is crucial. Forward Observers (FOs) who detect, identify, and prosecute threats, require targeting systems that are easy-to-use, lightweight, and packed with capabilities to enable discriminating performance in all operational environments.

“Elbit America has been a leading provider of lightweight targeting systems for two decades and we have captured all of that experience and expertise into JETS II,” said Erik Fox, the company’s Vice President of Warfighter Systems. “Now, Forward Observers in the US Army can operate with exceptional mobility, lethality, and survivability, no matter where the battle takes place. Responding to Soldier feedback on such systems, we are designing a prototype lightweight JETS II system so it can be carried and effortlessly setup, shaving precious time off the targeting process in the field.”



“At Elbit America, we have demonstrated our commitment to providing the very best targeting systems by investing in our Merrimack facility and expanding production capacity, including clean rooms and advanced test capabilities tailored for these high precision targeting systems.” said Elbit America President and CEO Raanan Horowitz.

According to the company it aims to provide the US Army with 24/7 precision targeting capabilities across all domains.

The company added that In the company’s 30-year history, it has supplied numerous solutions that support the service’s operations, including sophisticated night vision, Command Post Integrated Infrastructure vehicles, mortar weapons systems, advanced pilotage solutions for helicopters, and more.



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